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We have designed our Pro+ platform to comprehensively further your trading education, using interactive techniques to enable you to comfortably trade in a ‘live’ environment with our partner Zenfinex.

Pro+ Features

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Currency Analysis+

Check out our weekly technical and fundamental analysis breakdown of the major currencies from around the world. This information aims to give you a gauge on what the rest of the market will be considering for the following week. It’s important to understand why the market is reacting the way it is, and this analysis will allow you a broader understanding to give you that answer. If correctly accompanied with a solid risk management strategy, this information will give you a head-start over the majority of the market.


Pro+ Courses

Our Pro+ courses have been meticulously designed to take your trading skills and knowledge to the next level. We provide an in-depth educational experience on trading strategies that professional traders use every day to make huge profits. We show you a thorough view of how professionals trade on a day-to-day basis, enabling you to comprehensively learn skills demonstrated in a live trading environment. We are currently offer 3 Pro+ exclusive courses; Macroeconomic Masterclass, Scalping Masterclass, and Technical Analysis Masterclass.

Interactive+ Course (Coming Soon)

Our interactive+ Forex course has been specially designed by expert traders with the specific aim of getting your Forex trading knowledge up to scratch. Made possible by highly detailed and clear real-life examples written in an easy-to-understand format. This course is comprised various lessons that are accompanied with quizzes throughout, ensuring you understand everything that is being taught. The interactive version of this course translates everything that you are learning on to the trading platform and tools that you have access to.

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